Authentic Self - Scalp Services

Everything has its origins.
Beautiful, strong hair originates from a healthy scalp.
The scalp is an extension of your face and is a living organ.
But if the scalp becomes imbalanced, the hair soon looks tired, dull or straggly.
In the worst-case scenario, it suffers from growth disorders and even worse hair loss.
It is important we care for the scalp, as we care for the rest of the skin on our body.


Do you suffer with any of the following? :

  • Hair Loss
  • Hair Growth Problems
  • Fine Hair
  • Chronic Dandruff or Dandruff Control
  • Sensitive Scalp
  • Dry Scalp & Hair
  • Oily or Damp Scalp

At Authentic Self we can undertake a full scalp consultation on each guest, using the latest video-microscope camera technology, viewing the scalp like you have never seen it before! You will be amazed at the detail and hidden information your scalp holds.

At the bespoke and tailor made scalp care centre, you will be treated to an in depth scalp consultation with our specialist team member who has been fully trained in scalp care needs.

Specialising in both male and female hairloss and scalp issues.

All scalp consultations are carried out in a private, calm and confidential area, within the Authentic Self salon.

Working exclusively with skin, scalp and hair care specialist brand, ‘LA BIOSTHETIQUE®’, your individual needs to restore and balance your scalp will be taken care of. LA BIOSTHETIQUE® are an exclusive in-salon brand, that have developed a special ‘Methode’ for every scalp situation. The ‘Methode’ ranges tackle the root cause of scalp issues and is highly successful thanks to the synergy effects of simultaneous treatment with shampoo and care lotions.

LA BIOSTHETIQUE® use the latest research and natural ingredients to compile the finest products containing such restoring proprieties as frankincense, orange blossom, rosemary, sage, lavender, and other plant based active ingredients that start to work on the scalp from the first shampoo, balancing and restoring the affected areas. All of the ‘Methode’ ranges are cruelty free.

Scalp consultations are priced at £29.99 and on average last 45 – 60 minutes.

Please note: The Wig & Scalp centre is located on the first floor of the ‘Authentic Self’ salon. If you require a consultation on the ground floor, please inform us and we will be happy to accommodate. The Scalp Centre is not open Saturdays.

The sum of 50% of the Scalp Consultation fee will be taken as a non-refundable deposit upon booking this service. We understand guests occasionally need to change or cancel their appointments. Should you need to do so, we ask for at least 48 hours prior notice of an appointment. The 50% deposit will be taken off the final bill upon completion of the consultation.


For more information on the Scalp Clinic at Authentic Self, please get in touch with us via our contact us page.