The Authentic Self

Welcome to Authentic Self Hair and Lifestyle Salon.

Let me introduce myself and a little about my background and how Authentic Self came to be. My name is Chris Armstrong. My background in hairdressing goes back a long way.

I started work in the hairdressing industry at the age of 12 years old. It begun as a few hours a week after school and weekends, but those humble beginnings provided me with the best start ever to a career.

Once I left school, I put in the hours learning the craft at a variety of salons in the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield. I loved the experience of cutting and colouring hair, taking note of how the business side functioned and immersed myself in all the aspects of hairdressing that were available to me.

Eventually and after working in a global company, I realised that I was developing a different approach to hair. For me, it wasn’t just about cutting and colouring. It wasn’t about churning out the latest fashionable look. It was about finding the right style for each person.

Hairstyling is a very individual matter and hair is integral to our living breathing self. It isn’t a superficial part of us, but is deeply personal and meaningful on many levels, not the least our identity and face to the world.

This is why I wanted to deliver more to my clients than just a standardised service. I wanted to help clients to feel better by taking good care of their hair. It was time for me to open my own salon. Hence the birth in January 2016, of Authentic Self.

The name arose out of my wish to combine therapies and hairdressing together. Modern life and all its stressors can take their toll and one of the first indicators is the hair. Our hair will be the first to feel the impact. It isn’t enough to try to cover things up with products as this just compounds the damage of an area often neglected when life becomes difficult. I have now expanded to include organic haircare in my salon.

The story continues to evolve where we welcome Andrew Allsop,  Scalp and Wig Specialist. We developed a special space devoted to helping those who have a need of a little more hair, as well as an area providing specialist scalp consultation and treatment.

The Authentic Self Salon has a holistic approach to hair, where we can deliver personalised hairstyling to empower, a scalp treatment service to heal and a bespoke wig fitting service to restore confidence when required.

If we can make a difference by making someone feel better about their hair, then it becomes even more worthwhile.

Our mission is to provide a personalised place where guests can feel relaxed and enjoy having their hair taken care of is unfolding. Each part of the salon has evolved in its own unique direction to create an uplifting atmosphere and environment for all hair needs.

Welcome to Authentic Self.