Welcome to Authentic Self

Let me introduce myself.

Chris/Kit is a fully qualified and fully insured Sound Therapist and life coach with many years of experience.

Also working in Crystal Reiki, CBT, Pain management, Crystal Healing, Intuitive/Spiritual life coaching.

Chris/Kit has a passion for sound, having started his collection of Sound Therapy instruments over 18 years ago in Bali.

He has added to his collection over the years, each piece of healing equipment has to resonate deeply with himself for him to use it within his practice as a sound healer.

As a Sound Therapist/Healer, Chris/Kit is qualified to help determine and use different methods to help restore Physical, Mental and Spiritual health, granting everyone the chance to access these therapies as a way to help manage stress, chronic pain, and anxiety and to be more rested and at peace. 

during this deep state  of relaxation the body and mind can restore themselves to a place of balance, calm and harmony, aiding several physiological processes, sound bath and sound based work are designed for you find deep rest and relaxation.

Rooted in scientific backed approaches, and with a meditative quality, we can work together to being a sense of balance to your soul. 


So who is Chris/Kit and why does he have two Names?

Many years ago as  a child my grandmother Mary and old Irish lady called “Christopher”, Kit for short for with the Emerald Isle this was common place.

Now as a child “Christopher” believe it or not was a bit of a handful and shouting “Christopher” down the fields full of cows and sheep wasn’t the fastest or shortest name to shout, hence Kit was born!

As I’ve gotten older Kit felt the person who worked in a spiritual mindset and was able to hold space where as Chris is the person who is the level headed Capricorn who keeps things on track and to time, together they work alongside each-other like soul mates.  

Chris/Kit is also a Spiritual Life Coach, drawing on his naturally empathic abilities, helping people reach and find new depths to their life and fully embrace their spiritual needs.

Also working in Crystal Reiki, CBT, Pain management, Crystal Healing, Intuitive/Spiritual life coaching and much more.

The story continues to evolve where we are growing and adding more services to our treatment menu and products to share within our shop. 

We developed a special online space devoted to helping those whos needs are for specialist products sourced by myself personally  (authenticrystals)

The Authentic Self  has a holistic approach to life and we hope to deliver personalised healing  service to empower, a person & restore confidence when required.

If we can make a difference by making someone feel better about their mind, body and  spirit then it becomes even more worthwhile.

Our mission is to provide a personalised place where guests can feel relaxed and enjoy having their energy within mind, body & spirit taken care of is unfolding. Each part of the journey  has evolved in its own unique direction to create an uplifting atmosphere and environment for all needs.

Welcome to Authentic Self.