Triple Goddess Altar Set

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Triple Goddess ..waxing full and waning finished in purple.

Earth Element:  Earth element a naïve sculpt with a weathered finish with a green wash.

Fire Element:  Fire element weathered and finished with a red wash

Water Element:  Water element weathered and finished with a blue wash.

Air Element: Air element weathered and finished in a pale-yellow wash.

Each set comes with its own unique cotton drawstring bag to protect the stones while out traveling and can be set up anywhere you are in the world,  each set is stone cast made.

Each Hand made within the Derbyshire hill side by a master craftsman meaning each altar set is Unique and could be slightly different from the images but adds to the magic of each powerful set holds 

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Triple Goddess ..waxing full and waning finished in purple.

Inspiration for these little discs came from a visit to the museum one day, where Fitz came across a display of ancient pottery.

Bottles pots and jars, amongst the pieces were little bits of broken seals some almost intact.

Little wax idea formed of small alter pieces the four elements Air Earth Fire Water and a key stone or goddess stone.

Fitz went about designing the sets.. the patina was very important.

He wanted a naïve style of sculpt with a rough weathered texture as though they may have been passed down through the ages from the chipped keys on Hecate to the rough patina on Brigids stone..

Fitz has already started designing a Robin and Marion as lady and lord with Herne and the green man included, Fitz is thrilled at the idea of practicing witches and those who are starting out on there journey in the craft using his alter sets.


Fitz Started sculpting in the 80s..working as an assistant to a professional prop maker.

Working on productions from TV, film and stage, he was lucky enough to work on the Olivier award winning production of Mitridate for the Royal Opera company.

He also studied pottery at Buxton university for a was at this time he got interested in folk law from all over the world.

After meeting and becoming close friends with the great niece of Gerald Gardener he became absorbed in witchcraft, and was very honored to be given her whole collection of occult readings on the craft… his sculptures reflect those teachings.

Fitz lives the old fashioned way with his lovely wife Susan with his studio located deep within the heart of Derbyshire, A barreled Ceiling of a converted cellar  covers the space deep within the earth connected to the source he describes this studio as a place to drink tea and dream things up.

With everything he needs where he can play atmospheric music to set a mood to sculpt and infuse this work with his own type of magic.